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Are Electric Scooters Worth the Cost?

Electric scooters are a fun, convenient and environmentally friendly way to get around, but how much does owning and operating an escooter actually cost, and do the benefits make it a worthwhile financial outlay?

Electric scooter costs

The escooter

The first, most obvious and biggest outlay is the electric scooter itself, which is obviously a one-off cost. Escooters range from a few hundred pounds up to around £1,500, and as the technology has evolved and the market has opened up, a larger price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a better scooter. The simpler, lower priced escooters on the market also tend to have less complicated and expensive ‘extras’ to go wrong.

Safety equipment

Part of the reason that escooters are so much fun is that they are fast, travelling at speeds of up to 15mph. However easy they are to ride and control, you need to protect yourself in the event that another road user or pedestrian causes you to wobble. Investing in a good quality helmet is absolutely essential, and it’s a good idea to add elbow and knee pads to the shopping list too.


Instead of guzzling fuel, escooters need an electric charge to re-fill their drained batteries. No adaptors or extra equipment are required – just plug in to a standard socket and recharging takes around 3-4 hours. In the UK that should cost you around 15-20p.

electric scooter charging port


Unlike cars and mopeds, escooters require minimal maintenance, and by keeping your eye on a few basic areas yourself, it’s easy to keep your electric scooter in tip-top condition. We recommend checking the tyres are properly inflated, checking the folding joints and screws are tight and working and trying not to completely drain the battery to keep your scooter in great working order. If you do need to replace any parts, they are inexpensive – new tyres are the most likely replacement within the first couple of years if you are racking up the miles, and cost around £15 each.


On the rare occasions you can’t fold your electric scooter up and take it with you, or store it in your car boot or under your desk, you will need to lock it up. It’s worth investing in a good quality lock and cable to keep your escooter secure when it’s parked in public.

Benefits of owning an electric scooter

OK, we may be biased, but where do we start?

  • Escooters are a fast and fun way to get from A to B, saving you time – that extra 10 minutes in bed could become a reality!
  • With an affordable one-off purchase cost and low running costs, electric scooters are a much cheaper choice than using a car or moped for short journeys, and there are no parking costs.
  • Travelling by electric scooter is much more convenient than using public transport, and no traffic jams will slow you down.
  • The lightweight and portable design makes electric scooters easy to transport and store when not in use – just fold your escooter and place it in your car boot or under your desk.
  • Electric scooters are a green, emission-free way to travel, which is great for the environment.
  • Getting you out into the fresh air, you will arrive at your destination feeling happy and relaxed – no more crowded public transport!

In our opinion, electric scooters are absolutely worth the cost. Changing the way you travel, allowing you to control your commute and offering the opportunity for exploration and adventure without damaging the planet – it could well be the best money you ever spend. Interested in buying an escooter? Check out our escooter model below.

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