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How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Electric Scooter Battery

Electric scooters are powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries that are small, lightweight and incredibly efficient. The health of your rechargeable battery makes a huge difference to your escootering experience, as it affects the speed and distance you can travel as well as how much charge you have left when you get there.

How you charge and store your battery directly affect its health. Here are our top tips for getting the best out of your escooter battery.

Don’t completely drain the battery

You’ve probably heard that it’s a good idea to drain rechargeable batteries fully every so often. In the case of old style phone and laptop batteries that may have been true, but the same doesn’t go for modern lithium batteries. Each electric scooter battery comes with around 500 ‘charge cycles’. Don’t panic, that doesn’t mean 500 rides. Each charge cycle is from 100%, down to 0% and then back up. It’s important not to let your battery fully deplete, and it’s best to avoid overcharging too. We recommend not letting the battery drop below 10% charge, keeping it above 50% wherever possible, and topping up to 90% for maximum battery life.

Charge after every ride

Yes, even the short ones. It’s best to wait 30 minutes to an hour after you finish your ride to give the battery a chance to cool down before recharging. Take every opportunity you have to charge up as leaving the battery partially discharged for long periods will decrease its longevity, but don’t leave it on charge overnight and avoid overcharging.

Use the right charger

All escooter batteries are not the same, and the charger supplied by the manufacturer is the only appropriate one for your electric scooter. In the case of a lost or defective charger, we understand the frustration but while other chargers may appear to work, they may be causing long term damage to your battery. Similarly, trying another charger because it appears to charge faster may be slowly damaging your battery – stick to the manufacturer’s one that’s completely compatible.

Keep it cool… and warm

Lithium batteries don’t work well in extreme temperatures, so be careful to store your escooter in an appropriate environment out of the freezing cold and hot sun. Never charge your battery if it’s below 0 degrees C, or over 50 degrees C. If the battery has got very hot or cold, leave it to return to a moderate temperature before attempting to charge it. Batteries also work best when clean and dry as moisture can cause permanent damage – wipe with a dry cloth if necessary.

Store it carefully

When your escooter is going to be out of use for a while, make sure you store the battery at between 60% and 80% charge. Lithium batteries self-discharge when they are not in use, so you will need to check it every month or so, and top up again if necessary. If the battery is left for more than 3 months without charge, its lifespan may be damaged.

Ride with care

Keeping your tyres properly inflated, riding smoothly, avoiding rough terrain and not exceeding the manufacturers recommended weight limit may also protect the life of your electric scooter’s battery.

Read our “How to safe on an electric scooter” article here: https://www.escooter.co.uk/how-to-stay-safe-on-an-electric-scooter/

Prolonging the life of your escooter’s battery is easy and ensures optimal performance for years to come. By following a few simple charging tips, you can greatly increase the battery’s lifespan which increases your future fun!

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